What happens next?

It’s that time of year here in Portland, Oregon…

I used this illustration at work for an activity I call “What Happens Next?”

The kids are shown a picture that involves action. Then each kid is given a piece of paper and asked to use their imagination to draw “what happens next.”

The result is sort of “proto-comics” – young children may not be developmentally ready to make comics, but this activity can start them thinking in terms of sequential art. And of course, it’s always great fun for the teacher to see the different interpretations of the story!

(If any teachers stumble across this blog post, please feel free to use this illustration in your classroom – just click on the image to download a larger, printable version.)

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I made this comic in remembrance of my dog, who died at age 16 this past March.

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I love getting commissions, which sometimes turn out to be my favorite pieces… Here are a couple I quite like that haven’t appeared on this blog yet.

If you’re interested in commissioning a painting or some such, contact me with a proposal and I’d be happy to work with you.

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Popo in Pajamas

Previously posted on Tumblr, here’s Popo in Pajamas – a 3-page comic created on a whim. The adventures of Popo may be continued in the future, if inspiration strikes again.

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