Summer Journal #4: Islands

Tiny islands line the shores of Scandinavia,
famous for sailboats and quaint summer cottages.
The Southern Gothenburg Archipelago is a car-free paradise,
where boats and bikes are the main forms of transportation…

A network of commuter ferries connects these picturesque islands,
where the ocean breeze provides the perfect climate for wind power.

On the island of Marstrand, children play soccer in the shadow of Carlsten’s Fortress,
a majestic 17th-Century castle.In the Kvarken Archipelago, off the coast of Finland,
the ocean is teeming with tiny fish you can scoop up with your hands.

Bathing in the calm Baltic waters was a delight – never thought I’d be so warm
swimming so close to the Arctic Circle! But the Gulf Stream makes it possible.

More about Finland after the holidays!

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