Summer Journal #3: Medieval Madness

Medieval ruins cover the Swedish landscape,
hinting at a history of castles and kings…Kungälv is home to Bohus Fortress, the strongest fortification in Sweden – despite being seiged by armies and later pillaged for stone by peasants, in 7 centuries this magnificent castle has never been taken by force.Nowadays costumed crowds invade the fortress each summer for Kungälv’s annual Medieval Days Festival… a weekend of medieval music, crafts, and activities – and for me, a weekend of sketching!No medieval festival would be complete without fencing…The festival culminates with a stage show and a tournament,
where knights on horseback compete for the queen’s favor…

Of course, modern life may intrude on the medieval experience at times (witness the microphones and the electric guitar) – but that’s just life in Sweden, where past and present mingle to make the mundane seem magical.

Coming next: Islands!

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