Summer Journal #2: The Swedish Forest

Much of my summer was spent exploring the woods around Kungälv,
where plants and animals thrive in the midnight sun…

One of the first things that struck me about the Swedish landscape
was the abundance of birch trees – my favorite.

The woods in summertime are a banquet of wild edibles –
blueberries, raspberries, chanterelles, sorrel and more.The kids and I built tiny twig-towns,
the perfect summer homes for forest trolls…
The nature reserve just outside Kungälv was teeming with tiny frogs
the size of thimbles – it took some fancy footwork to keep from trampling them!The Bohusleden is a long-distance backpacking trail,
where I got myself hopelessly lost…

…but even that harrowing hike did nothing to diminish
my love for the Swedish forest.

Coming next: Medieval madness!

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