Hourly Comics: Seattle Edition

When Max Karl Key proposed that we both make hourly comics during our recent trip to Seattle, I thought he was being preposterous. When he insisted that we forgo pencils and erasers, I thought he was out of his mind. I accepted his challenge anyway, and had great fun creating sloppy, silly, slapdash little comics for every hour of our adventures.

For clarification: the 3-day trip was planned around a St. Vincent show at Seattle’s Neptune Theater. We stayed with Couchsurfing hosts Jen & Raymond, had lunch with Max’s sister Megan, and met up with my old college buddy Aimee McFarlane and her friend Chris. The night of our return to Portland was spent at the home of Max’s parents (and his cat, Norman).

You can see Max’s side of the story on his blog, Typical Spoon.
And here’s mine!

 I’m still compiling my summer journals – it’s a lot of work! – but stay tuned for more artistic adventures…

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