Remembering Dylan Williams

I hadn’t planned this for my first post since returning from Sweden, but after a splendid summer I came home to some devastating news. Dylan Williams, founder of Sparkplug Comic Books, died of cancer this past weekend.

Dylan was an important figure in the Portland comics community – as an artist, a publisher, and a great friend to just about everyone, myself included. I will be forever grateful to Dylan for offering me one of my first solo shows in Portland, at his awesome little shop called The Bad Apple. He even hand-delivered a stack of showcards to my home so that I could distribute them at my housewarming party.

“Septemberisms” at The Bad Apple, 2009

Dylan was also a contributor to Stumptown Underground, and it was a great honor to publish his submissions. He seemed to treat Stumptown Underground as an outlet for more experimental comics, and we were always thrilled to see what he came up with.

from “House of the Mysteries” by Dylan Williams

Jason Leivian of Floating World Comics has organized a benefit auction to help Dylan’s family pay the cost of his medical care. I’ve contributed “Flash Flood,” a piece I created in 2009 for Stumptown Underground’s rain-themed issue “Heavy Enough to Fall.” Please consider bidding on this or any other auction at The Divine Invasion.

“Flash Flood,” now for sale on Ebay

Dylan may be gone but the support and inspiration he gave to so many lives on.
Thanks, Dylan.

I’ll be back very soon with news about “Creature Colors” and, eventually, an extensive report on my summer in Sweden – including new artwork.

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