We have a winner!

Presenting the winning entry to the “Creature Colors” coloring contest:

The artist Erin Tanner (age 24) will receive a signed copy of “Creature Colors” and an original illustration! I admired his inventive approach and especially loved the name of the ship. As well as being a fine colorist, Erin is a talented cartoonist whose work can be found here: Look At This Blog!

For your viewing pleasure, here are some other fantastic entries:

Mike Joffe (age 27) colored this stylish pink elephant using a painterly digital approach. Visit Mike’s blog for his charming illustrations of strange & mythical creatures!

Kevin Wilson (age 28) submitted this psychedelic party animal. Kevin recently started a very funny webcomic by the name of Titanzer, about a washed-up wiz kid dragging around a giant robot.

Everett Patterson (age 27) created this amazing rendition using photo-collage. He describes his process a little on his blog. I also recommend you check out Savage Nobles in the Land of Enchantment, Everett’s thrilling webcomic about punk rockers and government conspiracies.

Meredith Patterson (age 23) did a sweet job on this elephant, with some nice subtleties of color and texture. She’s not an artist but all the evidence suggests that she may have missed her calling…

Thanks for submitting your entries! I loved seeing all the different interpretations. Although the contest is over, you’re still encouraged to send me your coloring pages! I’d be happy to post it on this here blog and promote your work while I’m at it.

What’s more, this coming Saturday offers Portlanders another opportunity to win a free coloring book at the release party for “Creature Colors” – here’s the Facebook event for all you Facebook people.
Come color with us!


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