Announcements for June

So many announcements to make! First of all, as those of you who follow me on Facebook might know, on June 21 I am leaving the country for 2 whole months to stay with a family in Sweden. This may interrupt my blogging for awhile, but rest assured, the hiatus will be temporary! And I hope to return from my journey with lots of art to share.

Second announcement: Because I’m a lenient sort of person – and because my blog lay neglected for awhile as I worked on assembling the coloring book – I am extending the deadline for the coloring contest until the end of this week, Friday June 3. I’ve received some great entries so far but there’s always room for more!

While I’m at it, I’m also extending my Spring Sale until Friday – though it may no longer seem apropos, you can continue using the coupon code MAYDAY to receive 15% off anything in my Etsy shop.

Now for my biggest announcement!

My coloring book “Creature Colors” will be released next Saturday, June 11, and to celebrate the occasion Guapo Comics & Coffee will be hosting an all-ages coloring party with contests, prizes, and free sample pages to color. Kid-friendly snacks & beverages will be served, and copies of “Creature Colors” will be available for $5 each.

This free event takes place from 5-8pm.
See you there!

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