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Hello there! This being my first blog post in months, I have much to report…

maxankleFirst things first: I have just returned from a grand couchsurfing adventure in the company of Max Karl Key and our fabulous friends from foreign lands. Our travels to New York, Germany, France, Sweden and Denmark have of course been chronicled in cartoon form and will be coming soon to an internet near you!

Our travel tumblr Made En Route is the place to find doodles and comics drawn while on the road. We have quite a backlog waiting to be scanned & uploaded, so when the summer simmers down a bit (i.e. when it isn’t too hot to spend hours at a computer) there shall be a flood of awesome updates.

trusty-compantion-cover1    2013pzsposter_lores

Meanwhile, further adventures are in store for us this weekend at the always wonderful Portland Zine Symposium, June 10-11! Me & Max will be tabling on Saturday June 10 only, offering copies of our latest join venture, Trusty Companion Vol 1. We will have some other comics too along with original art and more. Just come on down to Ambridge Event Center this Saturday between 10am and 6pm, track us down and say hello.

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