New blog & Olympia next weekend!

This just in: I’ve started a new blog over at Tumblr! It’s an experiment for now, and this blog isn’t going anywhere, but I will be posting more over there for the time being. If I wind up liking it better I may switch over completely.

As well as the usual comics, paintings and the occasional news item, I envision posting rough sketches, works in progress, and thoughts and materials from my experiences leading art activities for children. It will be a glorious hodgepodge of all things Trumpetflower!

So head on over to the Trumpetflower Tumblr and “follow” me if you please! I have a bunch of updates planned for the next week, including a new comic.

 Speaking of comics, the 11th annual Olympia Comics Festival is next Saturday and I will be there tabling with Stumptown Underground. I will also have a few copies of “Creature Colors” on hand, and at the table of Max Karl Key you will find a new minicomic chronicling the mundane adventures of Mungo. Come check it out!

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