Summer Journal #10: Farväl!

I was seldom haunted by homesickness during my adventure abroad – thanks to borrowed computers and my trusty iPod, loved ones back home were only a wifi signal away – though I sometimes opted for more primitive methods of keeping in touch…

Of all the comforts of home, one I never expected to miss was stars! Thanks to the ever-present summer sunlight, for my first month in Sweden I saw nary a glimpse of the night sky… but in late August the darkness began to fall before my bedtime, heralding the approach of Autumn – and the end to my journey.

Apple trees in Kungälv bearing ripe fruit were another sign of the season. Tart and delicious though they were, I felt bittersweet knowing that my days of feasting on Swedish fruit were numbered!

And yet, my departure was a joyful occasion, knowing beyond a doubt that I would return home inspired – and so I did! Someday I will revisit Sweden, but for now…


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  1. Kevin Wilson says:

    A fitting end to a wonderful journey. OR WAS IT?

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