Summer Journal #9: Malmö & Höganäs

On my way back to Kungälv from Berlin, I made two stops in southern Sweden – first in Malmö, for the Malmö Festival. This free week-long art & music festival takes place every year in Sweden’s 3rd largest city, drawing performers and artists from all over the world.

Each city square was furnished with at least one stage offering live performances of every conceivable genre of music. After enjoying some local musicians, I headed for the largest stage of all to see one of my favorite American artists, Iron & Wine.

Even a wintry summer storm couldn’t ruin this spectacular show, which I enjoyed with my wonderful couchsurfing host Nadja – and her handy umbrella!

After 2 nights in Malmö I hopped a bus to Höganäs, a small coastal town on Sweden’s southwest shore. There I spent a weekend at the beautiful home of couchsurfing friend Jonn (who I hosted in Portland a few weeks before my trip).

Calm and idyllic, Höganäs was the perfect place to relax and reflect on my travels and my impending return home, while exploring the rocky beaches with Jonn and Canadian couchsurfer Kayla.

My visit culminated with photography & hijinks at a beachside playground…

Coming next: Homeward bound!

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