Summer Journal #8: Berlin

Berlin was my #1 dream destination since I was a teenager. Steeped in history, splattered with graffiti and teeming with artists, Berlin seemed to me like a city of change – with a dark past, a bright future, and a colorful present…Catching an early-morning bus out of Copenhagen after a late-night party left me dead on my feet, but excitement restored me to life as we neared Berlin.

When I arrived at the bus station my friend Mike Joffe was waiting there to greet me. An old college buddy, Mike was living in Prague and we agreed to meet up in Berlin and do some sightseeing together.

Our first stop was Kunsthaus Tacheles, which I nicknamed the “graffiti palace” – an old building that was once a department store, then a Nazi prison, now an art center featuring galleries, studios and walls decorated floor-to-ceiling with spray paint.After visiting Museum Island (yes indeed, an entire island of museums) Mike and I were caught in a downpour, whereupon we bought matching rain ponchos. I couldn’t help but draw our stylish selves…That night we collaborated on this jam comic – see if you can figure out who drew which panels… (I have trouble remembering, myself.)

The next day we sketched our way through the famous Berlin Zoo, where “celebrity” animals such as tigers and wolves live alongside more mysterious creatures with names like nyala and barasingha. After Mike returned to Prague, my fantastic couchsurfing host Lia stepped in to take me on a magical nighttime tour of Berlin’s famous landmarks…

Between the majestic monuments and museums, the eclectic architecture, the murals and the street performers, Berlin feels like a living work of art.In five days I walked all over Berlin and visited most of the main attractions, but I knew there was much more to discover about this amazing city. As my bus rolled away from the city, I consoled myself with the thought that I would return for another visit someday – and still more adventures awaited me back in Sweden…

Coming next: Malmö & Höganäs.

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  1. Lee Richmond says:

    Hi, I love your cartooning and your visit to Berlin sounds great! Not been there yet but sure want to visit someday.

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