Summer Journal #7: Copenhagen

Toward the end of my summer abroad, I took a solo trip to Berlin that had me passing through Copenhagen for one night. Or so I thought…The capital of Denmark is a beautiful old city, and my couchsurfing host Mads was kind enough to spend a rainy afternoon showing me the sights. Danes are fearless when it comes to wet weather – like the stalwart fellows guarding Amalienborg Palace…

The next day I had planned to catch a bus to Berlin, but a series of train delays set me back such that I missed my ride by mere minutes…

Turns out being stuck in Copenhagen for an extra night was no tragedy. Mads happened to be throwing a party, so I got to meet a friendly bunch of Danes who introduced me to Fisk – a kind of liquor that hits you like a minty fresh punch in the face.

A toast to happy accidents! If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Coming next: Berlin at last!

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