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Popo in Pajamas

Previously posted on Tumblr, here’s Popo in Pajamas – a 3-page comic created on a whim. The adventures of Popo may be continued in the future, if inspiration strikes again.

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Summer Journal #8: Berlin

Berlin was my #1 dream destination since I was a teenager. Steeped in history, splattered with graffiti and teeming with artists, Berlin seemed to me like a city of change – with a dark past, a bright future, and a … Continue reading

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Hourly Comics Day 2012

Here are my results for this year’s Hourly Comics Day, which is fast becoming my favorite holiday. I even got the kids I work with involved this year! My influence is something terrible. (Keep in mind though: even though I … Continue reading

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Mungo the Sadsack

A jam comic is an improvised collaboration between 2 or more cartoonists, usually trading panels back-and-forth and watching a story emerge from nowhere. The result is an interesting hodgepodge of visual and storytelling styles. Here’s one such comic I created … Continue reading

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