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What happens next?

It’s that time of year here in Portland, Oregon… I used this illustration at work for an activity I call “What Happens Next?” The kids are shown a picture that involves action. Then each kid is given a piece of … Continue reading

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Mungo the Sadsack

A jam comic is an improvised collaboration between 2 or more cartoonists, usually trading panels back-and-forth and watching a story emerge from nowhere. The result is an interesting hodgepodge of visual and storytelling styles. Here’s one such comic I created … Continue reading

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Remembering Dylan Williams

I hadn’t planned this for my first post since returning from Sweden, but after a splendid summer I came home to some devastating news. Dylan Williams, founder of Sparkplug Comic Books, died of cancer this past weekend. Dylan was an … Continue reading

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Coloring book preview #2

My coloring pages have been getting more strange & complex, and dare I say goofy. This type of drawing is a relaxing break from my more serious narrative work. Sometimes I want to delve deep into relationships & feelings, and … Continue reading

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